I’m a documentary filmmaker, host, multi-faceted creative, adventurer, speaker and conservationist — these are my passions and my mediums. With the biodiversity of the planet rapidly disappearing, my work focuses largely on conservation action and reconnecting with the wild. I also care deeply about reconnecting with our health and mental health. It all comes down to this: life is interconnected. We’re not separate from the extinction crisis, what we put in our bodies, let into our minds, or what we create and do. 


Documentary filmmaker, host, multi-faceted creative,  adventurer, speaker & conservationist




As a creative, I've worked in many different mediums — film, photo, paint, word, illustration and design.


I'm excited to now be able share some of my art with you on my online store.

I, Elephant: Kruger National Park, South Africa. 2019.


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Conservation needs some new stories



I'm launching a show! 


For a few years, the idea for a show has morphed and evolved alongside my work and life. The idea developed after a vision to "make conservation mainstream" was all that remained of a discontinued eco-clothing company. Read that story here

The goal is to explore ideas and projects on the front lines of conservation. As well as to inspire people to live wilder, bolder and more engaged lives. I'm also excited to share some sustainability satire sketches! 


& Articles

For years, I've been helping others share their stories, build their brands and grow their audience. My full-stack creative skillset, and experience in storytelling and marketing, enables me to help change-makers, artists and organizations develop more influence so they can have more impact.


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