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Ladies, Cut Out Doubt & Do

January 22, 2018



This past weekend, men and women around the world are joined in for the 2018 Women’s March.


I’ve never publicly proclaimed myself to be a feminist...




I’m a feminist because I, like all women, have faced inequality. This is about my life and the lives of my girlfriends and sisters everywhere. This is about our future and cultural FREEDOM. Social freedom.

Equality of the sexes is absent from almost every corner and conversation around the world. We’re starting to see progress, but it’s just the beginning. Its culturally ingrained in us and it takes time to reverse and replace our ways of being.

And that’s where I believe it all stems from, our ways of being. Men have their ways of being that perpetuate inequality, as do women.

I want to turn the conversation to women specifically. Ladies, I believe that part of the inequality issue is that we often don’t believe in ourselves. We've gotta be more comfortable with confidence.

I’m coming from both personal experience and years of observation when I say that I see countless women not stepping into their full potential because of self-doubt. Looking back, I’ve done it SO many times without realizing it. It happens so regularly - in conversation, at work, when we’re alone – that it’s become habit. We’re just never good enough. I'm just never good enough! So we judge and question and delay our actions and choices. 

We worry a lot, because biologically we kinda have to (yo, babies). But we’re worrying a lot about OURSELVES and there’s no need for that. It leads to internal conflict, fear and uncertainty. We’re not stepping into our greatness because of the self-doubt we propagate in our mind.



That belief is within all of us, but sometimes it gets smothered by self-doubt. You know it’s in there, and you can access it at any time. 

The greatest challenges that ALL people face are the obstacles created in our own minds. And ladies, self-doubt is an obstacle we’re creating all too often. Confidence comes from within - you gotta locate it and nurture it. I am great and you are great.




With gratitude,


- El

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