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Elena Jean is an award-winning filmmaker, documentary host and writer


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Hey, I’m El 


Pen to paper, paper to screen, I'm a passionate filmmaker and writer. From rugged, remote locations to the editing room – immersed in other worlds with diverse characters – I specialize in impactful documentary, natural history and adventure stories (often, with a playful, "dramedy" spin). 

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5 ideas to live by

  1. Never stop being curious. Despite oppressive institutions that attempt to repress exploration and truth, anyone can learn anything. 

  2. Don't box yourself in and don’t lose your voice. Your voice is your spirit — unique, valuable and true — respect it. 

  3. Get out and explore! Don’t get caught in isolation, comfort or fear. 

  4. Have fun, don’t take things too seriously. Don’t be afraid to create, make mistakes and get dirty!

  5. Stay wild. As we lose our wildness, we lose our wellness. 

Venturing into the unknown, what beauty and possibility will we discover? We can still choose to be curious and intrepid!

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