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Elena Jean is an independent and freelance director, documentary host and creator inspiring curiousity, possibility and a sense of adventure.


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Elena Jean
Hey, I’m El! 


From remote locations to the well-caffeinated editing room, I'm a passionate, award-winning filmmaker.

Filmmaking is my favourite medium for exploration, creativity and (re)connection. Alongside my multi-disciplinary pursuits, I've always had a camera in hand. At ten, I was filming my own news show, spoofs of Steve Irwin's "Crocodile Hunter" and other maniacal ideas... Really, not much has changed ;)

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Fear and cynicism

A sense of adventure

Isolation and disconnect

A bit about my personal mission

Modern day comforts, fear, isolation and disconnect are at the root of health and planetary crises. Human and environmental well-being are inextricably linked. As we lose our wildness, so too our wellness – our wholeness.

Venturing into the unknown, what beauty and new possibilities will we discover? To be brilliant we must be intrepid. Now is the time to get curious, reconnect and seek holistic solutions. 

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