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Director, Host, Creator

Director, Host/Presenter, Cinematographer, Writer, Producer, Editor, Photographer, Speaker, BAScAvailable in Canada and globally.


Feature Film  

Co-Director, Co-Host, Producer, Editor, Writer 

Two filmmakers fight alongside Indigenous leaders and scientists to protect a critically endangered species of orca, their interconnected and collapsing ecosystem, and human life in the Pacific Northwest.


CBC Series

Director, Host, Editor  |  March 2023

A three-part mini-documentary series hosted by Elena Jean, following the adventures and challenges of passionate, relatable, wildlife conservationists in British Columbia. 


Short Film | Surf

Producer, Cinematographer  |  2023

In partnership with Picture Organic, Beyond The Green Veil is a thought provoking short doc, incorporating surfing, backcountry snow-sports and environmentalism. Location: British Columbia

Feature Film | Fiction

Director, Writer  |  2023-5

Natural history meets Don’t Look Up, meets the extinction crisis, meets “buddy comedy." Conservation, adventure and comedy all packed into one hilarious, heart-warming film.


What people are saying

"It has been a long time since I’ve seen an audience as captivated as Elena’s. By the flow and clarity of her presentation, you would think she has been speaking about the themes within Coextinction over a 20-year career, which only reveals how driven she is to stand for the oceans. She reaches past our eyes and ears, and directly connects our hearts. If you participate in the conversation, you’ll walk away with a new dose of inspiration and hope for this planet."

- Sam Rose Phillips, Filmmaker

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