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Coextinction Aerial Saturna Island (1).jpg
  Feature Documentary Film 

Directed by Gloria Pancrazi, Elena Jean
Produced by Gloria Pancrazi, Elena Jean, Andrew Luba, Nicholas Castel

Primary Cinematography by Nicholas Castel, Gabriel Swift, John Fulton, Bronson Whytcross

Edited by Elena Jean, Nicholas Castel
Original Soundtrack by Julien Verschooris
Distributed by Blue Ant International


Two filmmakers fight alongside Indigenous leaders and scientists to protect a critically endangered species of orca, their interconnected and collapsing ecosystem, and human life in the Pacific Northwest.

In an emotional action-packed journey, COEXTINCTION follows filmmakers Gloria Pancrazi and Elena Jean as they expose what it will take to save the last 73 Southern Resident orcas from extinction. Ultimately, their findings reveal how the orcas’ endangerment is fundamentally tied to the collapse of wild salmon populations and centuries of injustice against Indigenous peoples. It's a story about coextinction.


COEXTINCTION unearths devastating faults in corrupt, oppressive systems at the root of the extinction crisis, follows a young orcas’ fight for survival, and reveals the true nature of our interconnectedness, where social and environmental justice intersect. It’s a global film with broad relevance, which amplifies Indigenous visions for change, and inspires bold action to save the orca and our collective future.

Fish with Scales Sketch
Awards & Recognition

2021 Jackson Wild Media Awards Winner: Our Human Planet & Nominated: Original Music Score
2021 Planet In Focus Winner: People’s Choice

2021 Vancouver International Film Festival Winner: Rob Stewart Eco Warrior Award & Nominated: Best Canadian Documentary & Best BC Film
2022 Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival: Jury Special Mention
2022 Canadian Screen Awards Nominated: Best Cinematography in a Feature Length Documentary

2022 Canadian Screen Music Awards Nominated: Best Original Score for a Documentary Feature Film
2022 International Ocean Film Festival Winner: Environmental Award
2022 Seoul International Eco Film Festival Winner: Audience Choice
2022 Los Angeles Cinematography Awards 
Winner: Best Documentary Film, Best Original Score, Best Aerial Cinematography


Additional Festivals
2021 Mill Valley Film Festival 
2021 Friday Harbour Film Festival 
2021 Montreal Independent Film Festival
2022 Santa Barbara International Film Festival
2022 EarthX Film Festival
2022 Academia Film Olomouc

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