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  Photo & Video | Production & Editing  

Client | Milkywire

Characters | 12 different wildlife conservationists

Production (photo, video, audio) | Elena Jean

Remote Producer | Karolina Heden

Editors | Elena Jean, Philip Bergman

Various locations across South Africa, Zambia, Kenya

Wildlife Conservation Content

A four month contract planning, filming, photographing and editing wildlife conservationists ("Impacters") throughout reserves and remote areas of South Africa, Zambia and Kenya. I worked very closely with the conservationists, following their daily activities – from overnight carnivore tracking and collaring, to beekeeping, to turtle rescue and release, to working closely with indigenous communities, and more. I travelled and worked independently as a "one-woman crew", with online support from the headquarters in Sweden.

Milkywire is a tech platform enabling companies to address their environmental footprint and comply with new standards for taking action to solve the global climate, biodiversity and pollution crises. 
IG/FB  @milkywire 
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